Hotel COliving, a key piece for the global reactivation of tourism


Hotel coliving has been recognized by the United Nations as one of the best ideas to reactivate tourism worldwide thanks to our company, COliving Hotels.

Our team, selected among the 30 best ideas of more than 600 projects worldwide, is “over the moon” with the simple fact of thinking that the reuse, creative use of spaces and the creation of new forms for living can reach be a reality promoted from Spain.

The hotel and tourism sector has been one of the most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and that is why all responsible administrations at different levels have been and are looking for innovative solutions to reactivate this important sector of the economy.

This has been the case of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), which launched the “Hospitality Challenge” which calls the “tourism leaders of the future” during the summer of 2020.

For our part, we lived through this whole paradigm shift from our homes, many of us deeply affected by the current employment situation, but all this did not stop our desire to create new ideas with which to support our sector.

This is how we connected for the first time, online, and by presenting ourselves to the 1st “Malaga Tourism Challenge” Hackathon of ideas, of which we were winners. It was that impulse that made us also present it to the “Hospitality Challenge” organized by the UNWTO and that is, digitization has also brought entrepreneurs and administrations closer together, let’s be positive!

Be that as it may, we never thought that we would be among the 30 best ideas worldwide from a selection of more than 600 projects!

The training support for already being in that first selection consists of a full scholarship to study one of the most innovative Masters in any of the reputed International Schools of Tourism. In addition to all the support and momentum that comes with being in that selection.

But what did we really propose? Simply to give a creative use to empty hotel rooms, connecting them with the most current needs of residents and new types of travelers, such as Coliving.

So we promoted a hybrid use of the hotel establishment so talked about today.

Our team, which works completely remotely between Seville, Cádiz, Madrid and New York, created the idea thinking about their own accommodation needs that they themselves and the people around them had ever had, specializing in periods between one month and one one year.


The inclusion in the TOP 30 of ‘tourism leaders of the future’ of the UNWTO happened in the middle of the launch of our platform, a phase in which we are being supported by the business accelerator Minerva, belonging to the Government of Andalucía in Spain and Vodafone.

Immensely grateful for all the acknowledgments and support received, our team does not lose sight of what our true objectives are: to develop a good product that positions COliving Hotels among the three best ideas worldwide, attracting funding and support that allow us to scale the platform, reactivate the tourism sector nationally and internationally and to generate employment while maintaining sustainable development at the same time.

With more enthusiasm than ever, we are aware that we have entered the market in a far from easy situation, but we are convinced that great opportunities are born from real crises, so we hope that from very little, most people will be able to consider living a season in a hotel as a standard accommodation formula.

So we want to ask you, do you want to see how the change happens and do you want to be a part of it?

It’s very clear to us!

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