The best places for a workation this winter and living the “back to the office” differently

The work culture is changing, we are changing and sometimes that means that new opportunities are opening up, such as remote working, workations or staycations. The “beginning of the year” does not have to be so dramatic. In this post we want to give you ideas so “going back to the office” this winter can be a real pleasure:

  • The Canary Islands: The truth is that the Canary Islands have been very well positioned themselves as a great destination for Work & Play. With an enviable climate, a great hotel infrastructure and all the necessary services, it is normal for those who have already enjoyed it to say that it is right now the cradle of digital nomads.
  • Malaga: This city has always been and will always be, a destination that does not stop reinventing itself. With a vibrant cultural agenda, a mild climate and one of the best transportation and infrastructure hubs in Spain, it has many ballots to become one of the first destinations on the list for a workation this winter.
  • Valencia: The city of science and technology. Telecommute surrounded by culture and technology and also views of the sea. A very modern city with very good connections by land, air and sea. You also have the Balearic Islands very close as a strong point.
  • Madrid: Madrid, truly the city that never sleeps. If you want an infinity of plans, the best coworkings, hotels where to live and work and leisure options, Madrid is your city. Even during this last year, Madrid has stood out due to a growing demand from people who want to enjoy it and the truth about Madrid is that you can never have enough of it.
  • Seville: Seville has a song praising how the city has a special color, and we have to agree! Seville has been one of the most popular destinations for teleworking this last year. It has headquarters of various large corporations, an incredible quality of life, you have access to the best beaches in under two hours, as well as various spaces where you can live and telecommute, so yes, it is a very good option to go this winter.
  • Cádiz: It is not necessary for the New York Times to select Cádiz as one of its star destinations worldwide to know that we have a gem. If in addition to wanting to telecommute and enjoy the best beaches, you are also a lover of nautical sports in its wildest state, especially kitesurfing, surfing and windsurfing, the province of Cádiz is your place this winter.

But what is a workation? It is a mix between work & vacation and that means that now that we do not have to be 100% in the office we can consider living and working from anywhere, without having to wait for August to enjoy a change of scene. But how to do it the easy way? Can you really live in a hotel and at hotel prices? The answer is Yes, from the COliving Hotels platform (link to the listing) it is already possible to book hotels on a monthly basis as we adapt to the new ways we want to live. But it is not a solution only for workations, there is a new type of traveler and temporary resident, from digital nomads and remote workers to singles, separated, teachers and health professionals looking for an easy and temporary residence, and we are here to make life easier to all of them!

If what you need is a hotel as a temporary residence, you are in luck, we have everything ready for you, you only worry about choosing the destination, the dates and being able to live in hotels at the moment of check in and check out.

So … Do you already know where to do a workation this winter?



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