Apps to make your life easier in the new normality


The new normal is now more of a “new reality” that has changed our lives but at the same time has brought us new opportunities.

Did you know that now you can live in a hotel for long stays?

These 5 Apps will make you feel at home!

The new year has arrived, and with it comes the time to look back, analyze what we have experienced, and, above all, reflect on how we can improve in the coming months.

The Covid-19 crisis has left us all with a feeling of “lost time”, as if the clock of life had stopped in March 2020 and with it an endless number of “unfulfilled” purposes.

To be honest, the current state of affairs has brought our lives to a “full stop”.

But not every analysis can be pessimistic, because if we owe something to this ¨ bad bug¨ it is that it has taught us to live in the now more presently and, if possible, in company, facing one of the greatest paradoxes: social distancing stops our connections, but, in turn, we need to be more united and connected than ever.

In fact, the ¨new normality¨ has already changed our daily lives, making this beginning of the year an opportunity for adaptation in the way we relate to each other, accepting the close link that we have already created with technology and as a solution to periods of confinement between four walls and, in some cases, loneliness.

This has led us to rethink even how and where we want to live, because now we also have telecommuting and remote work, which is here to stay, and many companies are already incorporating it in our work lives. This in turn, has made work more flexible so we can consider living anywhere in the country and even the world.

We propose you to do it living in a hotel, can you imagine having room service? And not only that, today we are going to show you 5 Apps and tips that will make life easier for you in a hotel and in the “new normal”.



If you haven’t heard of it yet, from today you will be hooked!

This App will organize your life almost completely. Trello is a project management tool that makes working remotely and between teams simple and, dare we say, even fun. With it, remote work is easily manageable, since you can organize a whole team from anywhere in the world, even living in a hotel.

The reality is that it works for almost everything, whether you are organizing projects at work, housework, travel or anything else.

This app allows you to show different states and share them with different people who make up the project. With it, an attempt is made to improve the work routines of a team by generating priorities, times, notices and other perfect options to organize a work table in which several people collaborate.

It can be used from a Web browser or from its App. Available for Android and iOS.



The long and tireless on-screen talks signify a before and after in everyone’s life, so much so, that now we need to feel that we have quick and easy ways to be connected at the click of a button.

This has led many people to enter coliving spaces, because in them you will always find company to create personal and professional connections, but if yours are far away then you need Webex Meetings, a platform for making video calls widely used in the workplace, which allows you to organize virtual meetings with numerous participants.

In addition, it offers the option of screen sharing. Its maximum capacity in a single session is 3,000 people! and it is compatible with other Apps such as Google Drive and you can download it for Android and iOS.



This is one of our favorite apps because, as we already know, when we think about living in a hotel, or when we have the need to stay at home, what worries us most is food.

Wetaca is very clear about it: their goal is that we eat well every day.

And no wonder, you just need to enter their website and admire the ¨silverware¨ that they prepare, as well as how easy it is to order.

You just have to choose the menu, agree on a delivery date, they cook it and that’s it! It will arrive on the agreed date. And not only this, because all their products are local, their sustainable packaging format allows them to be kept in the fridge for up to 7 days and if they are not consumed, thanks to the freshness of the products, you can freeze them.

Ah! You can also buy loose products raw to cook them yourself.

There are no more excuses, now it is possible to eat at home from anywhere.

Available on all iOS, Android and Web devices.





Working out is already another aspect that will go down in history due to the pandemic.

Always from home, accompanied, alone, online or through a video call, it has given us the best moments as well as helping us to stay active.

Today I share this app with you, because despite of the numerous platforms that offer you the same service, Seven, in my opinion is one of the easiest to use as it is very interactive.

You will only need a suitable space to exercise, although, living in a hotel, you will have your own perfectly equipped gym room.

The only flaw we get is that it works by subscription, but it is worth it as it updates its functions very frequently.

Available on all iOS, Android and Web devices.



And of course, with the new normal and the restrictions it imposes to our lives, our job search app could not be missing.

Born just 6 years ago, this app has revolutionized the way of finding work, being one of the first employment platforms in Spain due to its easy and fast use. To be honest, we have all become “digital nomads”, because teleworking has come to stay and more and more of us enjoy this work format.

Its use is very easy, you just have to enter the web, choose your job and city, and that’s it! They also have a section where you will find specific advice adapted to your union to find jobs tailored to your needs.

Available on all iOS, Android and Web devices.


As you can see, the “new normal” also comes hand in hand with new opportunities and offerings to make our lives more flexible and adaptable to what we really would like to do.

Living comfortably and safely in a hotel in Spain is now possible thanks to technology, applications and home services that will make your life easier and more flexible.

Our proposal offers accommodation in a hotel, where you can share work and leisure spaces with people with similar hobbies and tastes, creating a good and stable community of friends and wide professional networking, which is very necessary these days.

We are the solution you need for this new normal!

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