We are COmmunity

At COliving Hotels we empower members to co-create their experience by being an active member of their temporary neighborhood.

We are COmmunity

At COliving Hotels we empower members to co-create their experience by being an active member of their temporary neighborhood.

Our beliefs

Our beliefs


Life is better with cool neighbours. We are not just a platform to book long stays, we are a place where people connect with other people creating a new community who integrates living in a hotel as another way of living from now on

Less gentrification

We aim to help the redistribution of the urban scenario, in order to recover spaces for the joy of the community. City center or just by the seaside? With COliving hotels it is possible.


We stand up for circular economy and we truly believe that there is no need to build continuously and build in order to create unique places for living, just a creative use of the existing infrastructure.


We are turning living in a hotel into a curated shared living experience for those who dare to live in the urban scenarios differently, are you the one?

Our manifesto

“Kim has decided to work from home by the sea in a spot where she can meet new people and can have walks on the beach instead of being trapped in her small flat in the city center. Andres would like to be part of a housing community but he doesn’t know where to start.. Elisa & Maria need a temporary home while they do some refurbishment in their house. Fernando just got divorced and also needs a temporary solution while he fixes his new life. Alicia just joined a 3 months project on the coast and she finds it hard to rent a flat for such a short period with all the paperwork they require…” Does it ring the bell? At COliving Hotels we see hotels as a perfect option to build a new community blending residents & travellers, can you imagine it? We can, and it really rocks.
So, what do we really do? Let’s say that we are the link between a real people’s need and the hotels room glut which represents a huge opportunity towards a more sustainable model of tourism & real estate , and we love that. Tourism is changing, coliving is booming and the lifestyle needs of residents & travellers are still there, so we asked ourselves one day,why not?

Why wouldn’t we take advantage of the structures that are already built via coliving? At COliving Hotels we believe in reusing spaces and their creative use.

Why not to live temporarily in a hotel while you are studying, moving houses or just changing lifes? At COliving Hotels we want to democratize the experience of living in a hotel.

Why not to be a little bit more hassle-free, forgetting all the paperwork and living just by checking- in and checking-out? At COliving Hotels we know how complicated it can be to find a house in a period between a month and a year and we want to help you.

With a team full of motivation and a pinch of craziness, we never had so clear that what moves us is innovation, new economies and the creation of a new community, is for all that, that we have come to change everything, and you? Do you want to join us?


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