Hotels as a new way of life


We live in difficult times, our priorities and way of life have changed in the recent months.

As a result, we have had to reorganize quickly to adapt to new ways. 

From COliving Hotels, we saw clearly from the start an opportunity for the hotel sector and this is how we transmit it every day to our partner CO-Hotels (link to the hotel listing).

This is a new way of living our lives, traveling and socializing has come to stay, and we have not been oblivious to it. 

From the COliving Hotels platform (link to the listing) it is now possible to book medium and long-stay hotels adapting to new ways of life.

There is a new type of traveler and temporary resident, from digital nomads and remote workers to singles, separated, teachers and health professionals looking for an easy and temporary residence, and we are here to make it all easier for them!

If what you need is a hotel as a temporary residence, you are in luck, we have everything ready so that you only have to choose the destination, the dates and being able to live in hotels at the time of check in and check out. 

All our hotels already have all the conveniences that you need, such as high-speed Wi-Fi, supplies included, cleaning and linen change at least once a week, discounts on restaurants, discounts on parking and common areas to make your life better


We have adapted the hybrid model of hotel life, you just have to worry about making the reservation and enjoying at least thirty days in your new destination, it’s that easy!

And all this with the possibility of belonging to a community of people who live like you just by joining our community  where every day events are shared in different cities, healthy lifestyles, productivity … we are looking forward to receiving you and hearing your experience!

As you can see, at COliving Hotels we have everything you are looking for so that your needs adapt to you and above all, to your comfort. 

It is now possible to book accommodation and enjoy life in the best hotels paying only for the time you need, without depending on bonds or boring paperwork. 

Have you already thought about what your next destination will be? 

And we already said that we were coming to change everything!

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