Living in a Hotel: Advantages and benefits


The pandemic has changed everyone’s needs and this could be the solution to all your problems.

Can you imagine living in a hotel with room service?

How many times have you walked along the beach, across your city’s downtown, through an urbanization away from traffic, noise…, looking at cool houses and apartments and their views, and have you thought to yourself: What will it be like to live there?

I could only afford it if I was rich!

Well, my friend, I must tell you … you are wrong!


Have you ever heard of coliving? Surely by now you already heard of the concept, but I will give you a brief summary in case you are not sure:

Coliving is a model of community life that houses three or more people with or without family ties.

Generally, the people who decide to live in coliving are a type of community that usually have similar values ​​or intentions.

And so we can understand each other better, it’s a new way of life that leaves behind mortgages, tireless rental paperwork, and the limitations of living where “you can afford it” and, above all, not living alone if you wish.

This is already a reality due to the pandemic, we are all being involved in a series of changes in work formats. More and more companies are adopting teleworking as the only option and this is leading us to reinvent ourselves, but above all, to ask ourselves some important questions:

¨I am worried that they will confine us again at home, in these 60 square meter apartment… ¨

¨I am tired of having to change apartments every time the owner wants to¨

¨I would love to live in a place with different spaces ¨

¨And now that I telecommute I could go live anywhere¨.




We have taken all those doubts and uncertainties and we have given it a very special form:

Imagine the coliving concept fused with living in one of those dream areas like those offered by a hotel.

Yes! You heard it right, we are offering you to move your home away from bureaucratic paperwork and stress to a hotel with up to four stars.

More and more of us are joining this new lifestyle with so many advantages, because not only will you have at your disposal the services that a hotel offers such as cleaning, laundry, dining room, gym … but you will also have leisure and work areas where you can live with people that you can relate to and that get you.

Gone is the preconceived idea of ​​being “cold”; the hotels of today are very adapted to the needs of the host, so much so that I want to list their benefits:

  • It is cheaper than renting, for about 500 euros a month you will have wifi, parking, and other services without having to pay a deposit or need guarantors.
  • You can choose from medium to long term stays.
  • You will live in the best locations.
  • You will have access to wide dining out options, and in the majority of cases, to local produce of the area.
  • They are designed to coexist and unite in an environment that promotes interactions, fosters collaboration, and generates strong synergies between residents.
  • It allows you to face the real estate boom by recovering the possibility of living in the urban center or on the coast.
  • Currently, there are many chains that allow pets.
  • It allows you to live and work anywhere in the world!


In short, it’s a great option and an even better solution if you are thinking of changing cities for work, if you are facing a separation, if you are studying, if you are already immersed in the life of remote work and you know that you can do it from wherever you want, or because you just want to change your life!

We are looking for people who dare to live differently, is it you?

Join us, your new community!

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